Pole Dancing Debunking Stereotypes and Exploring the Art Form with Special Guest Lucy Hamilton

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A Diary to EM-Power
A Diary to EM-Power
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Welcome to this exciting episode. We have a special guest, Lucy Hamilton, who comes from a fitness-oriented background and has had a strong passion for pole dancing from a young age. Lucy is here to discuss all things pole, from debunking any stereotypes to talking about the history of this art form and how competitions are run.

Firstly, let’s talk about the stigma surrounding pole dancing. Many people associate it with a negative connotation, associating it with exotic dancing or sexual performances. However, pole dancing is so much more than that. It is a challenging, athletic, and empowering form of fitness that requires strength, flexibility, and technique. Lucy is here to shed light on the benefits of pole dancing and to debunk any misconceptions that people may have about it.

Secondly, Lucy will discuss the history of pole dancing. While the origins of pole dancing are not entirely known, it is believed to have originated from circus performers in the 1920s. Over the years, pole dancing has evolved from a form of entertainment to a form of fitness and art.

Finally, Lucy will discuss how competitions are run in the pole dancing world. Several organizations run pole dancing competitions around the world, with criteria varying from one competition to the next. Some competitions focus solely on athleticism and technique, while others also incorporate a performance aspect.

Get ready to learn about this exciting and athletic art form. Lucy will share her knowledge and passion for pole dancing, and we hope you will enjoy this episode.





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A Diary to EM-Power

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