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This week’s podcast features an interview with Claire from Toob, where we learn more about this broadband provider. In the coming months, there will be a rise in pricing for mobile phones and current broadband providers such as BT and Virgin Media. To save money without sacrificing services, switching to a more affordable and sustainable option for households or large families might be worthwhile. Toob assures customers that there will be no price increases during the contract period, which we want to hear. They have kept prices low and are considered the best provider in town.

Here are just some examples of pricing compared to Toobs.

  • BT Fibre Essential Guarantee 32Mb Upload speed range 8Mb – 9Mb from £26.99 per month
  • BT Fibre 1 Guarantee 46Mb Upload speed range 8Mb – 9Mb from £28.99 per month
  • BT Fibre 2 Guarantee 55Mb Upload speed range 17Mb – 18Mb from £29.99 per month
  • Virgin Media 264mbps 6 month from £15 per month then £33 per month after 6 months
  • Virgin Media Gig1 Fibre Broadband 1130Mpbs from £30 per month for six months and then £50 per month afterwards.
  • toob 900Mbps down and 900Mbps upload £25 per month

One important factor to consider when choosing a broadband service provider is speed. It is crucial to have a provider that offers superior speed at an affordable price. Many families have multiple devices, such as TVs and gaming systems, and require high-speed internet for all their needs. As someone who has eight children with iPhones and iPads, as well as multiple TVs with streaming services like Netflix and Disney+ at 4K resolution, I can attest to the importance of speed. Having a broadband provider that can meet our speed requirements makes all the difference. Therefore, I am excited to connect with Toob soon.




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