The Fusion of Rock and Classical Music: Exploring the Fleet Rock Orchestra with Jason

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The Fleet Rock Orchestra is a unique musical group that brings together a community of musicians to play rock and pop hits with a big band feel. This orchestra is an excellent combination of rock and classical music, creating a completely different experience for the audience. On this week’s episode, Dee talks with Jason to find out how it all began and how the Fleet Rock Orchestra works.

Jason, the creator of the Fleet Rock Orchestra, discusses how he merged two genres of music to create something new and exciting. He believed combining rock and classical music would make a fantastic experience for the audience, and he was right. The orchestra has been an enormous success, attracting a loyal following of music lovers.

During the episode, Dee and Jason discuss the challenges of merging these two genres and how he manages to get everyone working together as a team to produce something completely different. Jason shares his experience of creating an orchestra out of rock and classical music and how he keeps everyone motivated and productive.

Jason also talks about the highs and lows of his journey and how he overcame the challenges of bringing together a community of musicians to play rock and pop hits with a big band feel. He shares his passion for music and love for creating something unique and exciting.

In summary, the Fleet Rock Orchestra is a fantastic example of how two seemingly different genres of music can come together to create something unique. Jason’s vision and passion have made a unique musical experience that has attracted a loyal following of music lovers.



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